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Qingyi conventional release film coating process


In the heat transfer process, release film coating process is very important, involving a variety of materials are not the same, following simple explain coating process to you:

Coating step one:

First, apply a back coat to back of PET blank film,provides anti-sticking and anti-static coating on the back of PET film, which can partially reduce the release paper cost and reduce static electricity generation,so that let the paper go more smoothly. Qingyi back coating anti-adhesive mainly have Q-401 oily back coating and Q-402 water-based back coating.

Coating step two:

Apply the release layer to the front of PET blank film, to make the printed layer perfectly separated from PET film. Qingyi release layer mainly have Q-1012 hot peeling flat, Q-1021 hot peeling matte, Q-1031 cold peeling matte, Q-1063 cold peeling glossy.

Coating step three:

Apply an intermediate layer over the release layer, to effectively adjust the peeling strength.Qingyi provides the middle layer mainly have Q-3030, Q-3031 middle layer, after heat press then peeling, to provide a  perfect separation effect.

Coating step four:
In the middle of upper layer coated with ink layer,have an excellent inking performance,high color transfer rate, good reduction degree. Qingyi ink layer provided mainly have Q-2011 heat surface layer, Q-2021 heat dull surface, Q-2032 cold dumb surface, Q-207 common surface, the surface tension has reached more than 42 dyne.
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